• 【Nagano Prefectural Support Family Accommodation Discount / Prefectural Accommodation Discount】Reasonable period from 2/19 to 3/31!

    \For customers living in Nagano Prefecture/
    For guests staying during the period from February 19, 3rd year of Reiwa to 31st March, 3rd year of Reiwa
    Prefectural citizen support family accommodation discount can be applied.

    Accommodation price per person per night(Tax included)
    From 5,000 yen to less than 10,000 yen →Discount amount 3,000 yen
    10,000 yen or more →Discount amount 5,000 yen

    ※Those who are eligible for the discount up to 2/26 stay
    In principle, only reservations can be made with a family living together in Nagano Prefecture.

    \From 2/27 (Saturday) accommodation
     All Nagano citizens are eligible/
    Discounts that were previously limited to families living together
    All reservations are eligible!
    For traveling with friends and groups
    Please use it!
  • 【Important Notices】About measures against new corona infections

    <Countermeasures for new corona infections>

    In this facility, as a measure against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus,
    We have taken measures against influenza and norovirus,
    We hope you can spend your time safely and safely
    We will implement even more hygiene management.

    Efforts to ensure peace of mind and security
    Please check this page!
  • Bessho Onsen co-working space "Bessho Branch" reopened!

    Why don't you change places today and work in the lobby of a hot spring Ryokan?
    The lobby of this facility is open as a coworking space!
    【Available time】10:00 to 20:00
    【Fare】 300 yen per hour/3 hours 500 yen/6 hours 1,000 yen/2,000 yen for 10 hours
    【private room】 1 hours 1,000 yen ※Reservation required
    Customers who post with # Nanjyo Ryokan on SNS can drink coffee and tea all-you-can-drink service! !! Click the image for details of the coworking space!

    ※We will restart from June 1, but we will limit the use to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.


  • \March 28 (Sunday) Bessho Line Lines open/Free all-day fares and various other events!

    It collapsed due to the disaster of the typhoon in East Japan in October 2019.
    Ueda Dentetsu Bessho Line Chikumagawa Bridge will be completed soon,
    The entire line will finally open on Sunday, March 28th!

    So that more passengers can board on the day
    Weekday timetable, all day fare seems to be free(^^)

    ※For more information on the "All Lines Opening Commemorative Event" held at Ueda Station
     Please check the website of Ueda Dentetsu

    Bessho-Onsen Station, the behavior hot pot performed by the tourist association and Ryokan
    Nagano University drum performance,
    We are also planning a performance of the Shioda Junior High School brass band club!

    Everyone who supports the Bessho Line, including the hospitality warlords, will gather!
    We look forward to your visit.
  • Nagano people only◆50% off winter activities!

    \ Only for customers living in Nagano prefecture /
    By reservation from Aso View
    Half price for winter activities in Nagano prefecture!

    Before check-in and after check-out
    Customers who want to enjoy activities in the prefecture
    Please use it!

     Until March 21, 2021 

    ■Discount amount
     Up to 50% OFF per person(Maximum discount amount 10,000 yen)

    For details on how to reserve activities, etc.
    Please check the linked page.
  • \Limited to Nagano citizens Supporting each other/Ski lift ticket half price campaign!

    \Nagano people only/
    If you purchase a ski lift ticket from the play reservation site "Asoview",
    Lift tickets for ski resorts in Nagano Prefecture will be 50% during the period!

    ■Target period:February 19, 2021 (Friday) -May 31, 2021(Monday)
    ※Depending on the budget exhaustion situation
     Please understand that it may end without notice.
    ■Target people Those who live in Nagano prefecture
    ■50% off per person
    ■Target ski resorts in the Ueda / Sugadaira area
      ・Sugadaira Plateau Snow Resort

    For detailed purchase method, information on target ski resorts, etc.
    Please check the campaign page of "Asoview".


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212 Bessho Onsen, Ueda City

Telephone number



About 30 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Uedasugadaira IC / about 20 minutes by car from Hokuriku Shinkansen Ueda Station / 7 minutes on foot from Shinano Railway Bessho Onsen Station

There is a transfer (conditions)
From 14:13 to 17:35, the Bessho Line has a free shuttle that runs around each Ryokan according to the time you arrive.
Other than that, we will pick you up, so please let us know in advance when the train will arrive.
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Luxurious taste of autumn.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.