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Dinner course example

Nanakuri Course seasons of season

  • Once Bessho Onsen is a hot spring that opens up seven hardships
    It was called "Nanakuri-no-yu"

    ~ Ease of mind, ease of body ~, the concept
    Let's relax and enjoy your shoulders
    We have prepared an original dinner course at Nanjyo Ryokan, which is different from regular kaiseki cuisine.
  • An example of cooking:Nanakuri Kagomori
    Please enjoy the seven small bowls which were particular about the gentle seasoning and ingredients.
    ※The content varies depending on the time of year.

  • An example of cooking:Specially grilled Shinshu beef served in a hot pot
    Popular menu of this facility,Specially grilled Shinshu beef served in a hot pot
    You can enjoy the tightening with risotto.
    ※There is a period when it is not provided depending on the season.

Healthy breakfast at Nanjyo Ryokan

  • The medicinal porridge made with slowly simmered chicken stock is
    Our popular breakfast menu.
    We also offer body-friendly Japanese set meals such as warm tofu and salad.

100th birthday celebration"first meal"

  • << If you are allergic to ingredients, please contact us in advance.》

    ※If you contact us on the day, we may not be able to respond.
    For the reason of purchasing ingredients,
    We would appreciate it if you could contact us at least 3 days before your stay.

    ※We may not be able to respond depending on the content of allergies.
    Thank you for your understanding in advance.