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Dinner course example

Nanakuri Course seasons of season

  • Once Bessho Onsen is a hot spring that opens up seven hardships
    It was called "Nanakuri-no-yu"

    ~ Ease of mind, ease of body ~, the concept
    Let's relax and enjoy your shoulders
    We prepared a Nanjyo original dinner course, which is different from the regular multi- course meals.

    An example of the Spring Nanakuri Course
    ・Local snacks & cold Japanese-style potage
    ・Nanakuri Kagomori
    ・Seven kinds of croquette sea urchin sauce
    ・Nagano Carpaccio(Shinshu Salmon・Horse sashimi)Plateau vegetables
    ・Specially grilled Shinshu beef served in a hot pot
    ・Ginger bean, Caramel sauce
  • Nanakuri Kagomori
    Please enjoy the seven small bowls which were particular about the gentle seasoning and ingredients.

  • Seven kinds of croquette sea urchin sauce
    It is our original croquette to enjoy two textures.
    At first, as it is, the texture of freshly fried and crispy,
    When you have eaten about half, sprinkle warm soup stock to make it like Ochazuke!
  • Local snacks & cold Japanese-style potage
    Soba chips and cold Japanese-style potage
  • Specially grilled Shinshu beef served in a hot pot【Limited to Spring】
    Plenty of vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli are popular among women!
    It is seasoned with a Western style, so the salmon can be served delicious even if it is a risotto

Healthy breakfast at Nanjyo Ryokan

  • Sanada local chicken medicinal bowl made from soup stock simmered in Sanada local chicken
    Our popular breakfast menu.
    We also offer body-friendly Japanese set meals such as warm tofu and salad.

Matsutake mushroom kaiseki course