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Hot Springs

Shinshu's oldest hot spring, Japan Three Major Miyu "Bessho Onsen"

Bessho Onsen is the age of the Emperor Keiko Bessho Onsen
Yamato Takeru no Mikoto is said that it was discovered at the time of the east Yamato Takeru no Mikoto of Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.
Bessho Onsen along Tokaido has many officials and merchants,
It is used as a relaxing hot spring to heal tired travelers.
The name was known to each place including the capital by each country along the route.

A female artist in the middle of the Heian Time Period,
Sei Shonagon"Makuranososhi" written by Sei Shonagon
There is a passage saying, "Yu is Nanakuri-no-yu water of Nanakuri-no-yu of Arima-no-yu of Tamatsukuri-no-yu",
It is said that the "Nanakuri-no-yu" in this is the origin.
  • Inner bath・Open Air Bath

    Hot spring bath hours
    It is available until 9:30 the next morning after check-in. ※The cleaning time is from 9:30 to 13:00.
    Hot spring qualities
    Simple sulfur spring
    【 Bessho Onsen reason why Bessho Onsen is called "Bijin-no-yu" 】
    The spring quality of Bessho Onsen has a weakly alkaline nature.
    Alkaline dissolves the skin, softens the old stratum corneum, and makes the skin smooth with its benefits.
    In addition, it is also scientifically recognized as removing dirt from pores and degrading melanin.
    Gastrointestinal disease, Neuralgia, muscle pain, Coldness, Hemorrhoids, Arthralgia
    Recovery after illness, Health Promotion, Diabetes mellitus, Gynecological disease, Motor dysfunction

Hot Springs

Bessho Onsen

Open Air Bath

Yes (both men and women (Time shift included) · Not reserved)

Number of baths

"Open-air bath] Man: 1 woman: 1 mixed bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 woman: 1 mixed bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Woman: 0 mixed bath: 0

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax Adult 150 yen separately.

For customers with children

Our Ryokan offers free rental of bath guts so that you can enjoy a bath with a small child.
Other chairs and mini mats for bath, whole body soap
Baby diapers are also available in various sizes ranging from small to large.
Please feel free to use it.


We offer shampoos, body soaps, as well as lotions and hair tonics and skin lotions for men. There are also cotton, cotton swabs and hairbrushes, so please use aftercare for hot spring.

Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source

The bath in this facility is a combination of a sink and a circulation filtration system.
While constantly replenishing the bathtub with a source of about 43 liters per minute, skin, hair, etc.
In order to remove the trash in the tub, we also carry out a circulating filtration inside the tub at the same time.
By filtering, you can keep the hot water clean by keeping the hot spring from becoming muddy due to dirt such as skin.

Regarding water supply and heating

The hot spring at this facility is not wet.
Bessho Onsen has a source of 51.3 ° C and reaches 42 ° C and reaches the bathtub.
Heating is almost unnecessary.
However, during the winter, especially in open-air baths, heating may occur.