【Official】Bessho onsen Tabino yado Nanjyo

Go to Bessho Onsen for autumn Shinshu trip! The Matsutake plan to taste the taste of autumn is recommended

  • An accommodation plan to enjoy the taste of autumn "matsutake" is on sale! 【Limited to Autumn】

    The matsutake mushroom plan to enjoy the autumn taste of matsutake mushrooms
    Available for a limited time from September 14th to November 10th!

    The most popular "yakimatsutake" to taste on charcoal fire!
    We used not only matsutake mushrooms but also autumn seasonal ingredients
    Please enjoy the fall seven distress course (^^

    Reservation from here

  • If you say summer, beer! Fair now being held★

    Summer resorts are Hokkaido, Okinawa, and of course Shinshu!
    So I collected local beers from around the world, and even world beers!
    Please enjoy beer from around the world that you don't usually have a chance to drink and local beer.
    Please try this opportunity!

    Various beer ... 800 yen
    Various beers of the world・・・600 yen
    ※With petit snacks
  • Renewal information of the newly renovated Nanjyo Ryokan is here!

    ◇◆Renewal information INDEX◆◇
    ●With the thought of the newly renovated Nanjyo Ryokan, the logo is also renewed!
    ●All facilities in this facility / all rooms are now non-smoking
    ●We renewed restaurant on the third floor
    ●New food, Introduction of the seven hardships course of spring
    ●Introducing the Lobby of Passion

    Please see this «Renewal Information» page for more details!


  • Bessho thermal, 2019★Music festival 8/24(soil), 8/25 (Day)

    Held again this year! Bessho Onsen music festival!
    Bessho Onsen the outdoor stage of Bessho Onsen,
    Entertainment events by artists and performers of various genres!
    There are also local sake, beer and local gourmet (^▽^

    8/24(soil)Eve, From 17:00 to 21:00
    8/25(Day), 10:00 to 21:30
    Location: Special venue in the Kitamuki-kannon Temple

    Free admission on both days! Enjoy a summer night!
  • 【Nagano people only】With gratitude to everyone in the area! Under thanks plan sale

    With gratitude to everyone in the area!
    Nagano people only◆We have prepared a thank you plan (^▽^
    Limited Days♪
    Room rate is from 9,150 yen (tax included) per person!
    You can stay at a reasonable price with a nice bonus!

    ◆Accommodation period◆
     Until the end of August 2019
     Saturdays, holidays, and Obon (August 10-17) are not eligible.
     Others On closed days, reservations may not be accepted due to room occupancy.

    ◇◆Prefecture limited plan privilege◆◇
     ・Long stay bonus
      Check in at 12:00 / Check out at 11:00


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Hotel Name

Bessho Onsen, Nanjyo Ryokan


212 Bessho Onsen, Ueda City

Telephone number



About 30 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Uedasugadaira IC / about 20 minutes by car from Hokuriku Shinkansen Ueda Station / 7 minutes on foot from Shinano Railway Bessho Onsen Station

There is a transfer (conditions)
From 14:13 to 17:35, the Bessho Line has a free shuttle that runs around each Ryokan according to the time you arrive.
Other than that, we will pick you up, so please let us know in advance when the train will arrive.
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Best Rate◆Reservation is the lowest price from Official HP! Official HP reservation privilege・Discount Plan



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.