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  2. Infectious disease measures

Infectious disease measures

To have you feel safe and secure.Request to customers.

  • At this facility, even if the coronavirus has not completely converged,
    We take every possible measure so that you can feel a little relieved.
    We will do our best to support you,
    We hope that our customers and employees will feel safe and secure.
    We ask our customers to use our facility.

    Nanjyo Ryokan that the day spent at Nanjyo Ryokan will be a relaxing day for your body and mind.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
If symptoms of fever and cold are confirmedIf you feel any abnormality in your body, such as fever, coughing, or abnormal taste or smell,
Please postpone your stay.
If you feel any symptoms during your stay, please wear a mask and refrain from moving inside the facility as much as possible.
Please contact the front desk first.
  • Sterilize and sterilize the facility to create a clean environment
    We thoroughly disinfect handrails and doorknobs with hypochlorous acid water.
  • Alcohol disinfection is installed at the entrance
    When you arrive or when you return from the time you go out
    Thank you for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands.
  • The staff will wear a mask.
    All staff will wear masks and serve customers.
    We hope that you will also be able to cooperate with wearing a mask when you come.
  • We will welcome you under the mask with a smile more than ever!
    We will welcome you with a smile that is the same as before, and even more!
  • A spray of hypochlorous acid water will be installed in all guest rooms.
    Effective for virus removal, sterilization, mold, deodorization and infection prevention
    Hypochlorous acid water is installed in all rooms.
  • We use a humidifier to remove bacteria everywhere in this facility.
    In the lobby and restaurant
    We use a humidifier containing "Ocha no Chikara" solution to remove bacteria.
    【Characteristics of the power of tea】
    A new technology derived from tea, cateprotect, will eradicate bacteria by 99% or more.
  • Rooms have sanitized hand soap.
    By hand soap after arrival or after going out
    Please disinfect and clean your fingers.
    Of course the staff will wash their hands and gargle thoroughly!
  • Ease your mind and ease your body.Improving your immunity with nutritionally balanced dishes!
    The concept of cooking at this facility is conscious of physical and mental health,
    Handmade, low salt, low sugar dishes.
    We will support your mental and physical health with delicious and gentle dishes!
  • All facilities and guest rooms are non-smoking
    Smoking is prohibited inside the facility, including heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • We have devised a table layout for dinner and breakfast venues.
    We secure the distance between each table.
  • Hot springs are safe!
    Viruses dilute with water in pools and hot springs, so it seems that there is no infection during bathing.
    Of course, the dressing room is thoroughly ventilated and sanitized, so
    Please use with confidence.
  • Please spend a comfortable time in a natural environment.
    The Japanese garden of this facility can be seen on the stone pavement of each guest room or the large public bath.
    Please spend a comfortable time in this facility where the natural breeze blows.

Measures against other infectious diseases