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Advance ticket with premium

To customers who purchased the prefectural support advance discount * Updated on July 20

★9/16 update The reservation acceptance period has been extended by December 23.

●Who to sellThose who live in Nagano prefecture
●Sales period※Advance tickets for this facility have been sold out.
●Reservation periodJune 11, 2021 (Friday) -December 23, 2021(Thursday)
※Depending on the future infection status of the new coronavirus in the prefecture,
The reception may be suspended.

9/16 update
●Accommodation periodFrom Friday, June 11, 2021 to Friday, December 31, 2021
※However, this is limited to overnight trips booked by Thursday, December 23, 2021.
※Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus in the prefecture, there may be periods when it cannot be used.

9/16 update
●Selling price 1 advance ticket:2,000 yen
(Accommodation discount 5,000 yen + sightseeing coupon 2,000 yen, total equivalent to 7,000 yen)
 Offering 2,000 yen per person per night using advance tickets(Minimum usage unit 500 yen)
※Not limited to the number of advance tickets used for one night, up to 2,000 yen per person per night.
●How to sell※The advance ticket sales period has expired.
●Cautions・Advance tickets sold at this facility are valid only for use at this facility.
・You can use up to 2 tickets (10,000 yen) and up to 2 nights (20,000 yen) per person per trip.
・It cannot be used if the accommodation travel price per person per night is less than 5,000 yen.
・It cannot be used in combination with the Go To Travel Business or other accommodation discount businesses in Nagano Prefecture.
・Please check in advance as the availability of other discounts and coupons will vary depending on the store.
・This ticket is not refundable or redeemable for cash.
・No change will be given. (Not available for payments below par)
・Depending on the coronavirus infection status, it may not be available due to closure, closure, issuance of a state of emergency, etc.
・Resale of this ticket for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
・We will not be liable for any damages incurred if the purchaser cannot actually use the sold advance ticket and the usage period has expired.
・There is no limit to the number of purchases, but it will end as soon as it reaches 200.

  • Prefectural support advance discount coupons can also be used at shops in this facility!
    Please use it to purchase souvenirs!
  • We take thorough measures against infectious diseases and strive to create an environment where customers can spend their time safely and securely.