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We have started accepting reservations for 2021 plan to enjoy the course at "Matsutake Hut / Nikoen"!

For dinner, enjoy matsutake mushrooms at the matsutake mushroom hut, Nikkoen! Accommodation plan with free transfer

  • For dinner, go to Matsutake Mushroom Hut Nikkoen and enjoy Matsutake mushrooms!
    At the Matsutake mushroom hut "Nikoen" founded in 1951
    Please enjoy Shinshu Ueda specialty matsutake mushroom dishes.
    An example of cooking content
    \Free refills of matsutake rice and matsutake juice! /
    ・Matsutake mushroom pan ・Matsutake Mushroom and Japanese Broth Steamed in a Hot Pot 
    ・Chawanmushi with matsutake mushrooms ・Matsutake rice
    ・Matsutake mushroom juice ・Pickled Vegetables ・Dessert and other dishes

    ■Meal information
    ・Meal start time from 18:00
    ・As a measure against infectious diseases, the meal time will be 90 minutes.
    ・Please be assured that there is a pick-up service from the hotel to Mr. Nikoen.
    ・For customers who want grilled matsutake mushrooms or matsutake mushroom tempura, etc.
    Additional orders can be placed locally.
    In that case, the additional payment will be made by Mr. Nikoen
    Please understand that it will be settled locally.
    ※Nikoen-san Shinshu wari tourist coupons.
  • Please enjoy the autumn specialties of the Shinshu Ueda area.
    Luxury at Matsutake Mushroom "Nikoen"!
    Mt Tokko matsutake mushroom dish that you eat in the nature at the foot of Mt Tokko
    You can enjoy it in a different atmosphere from the Ryokan.
  • Stay at this facility! Enjoy a natural hot spring and a healthy breakfast!
    A relaxing breakfast at our popular medicinal porridge.
    We will prepare a Japanese set meal that considers your physical and mental health.
  • Enjoy the natural hot springs of Bessho Onsen, the oldest hot spring in Shinshu
    【 Bessho Onsen reason why Bessho Onsen is called "Bijin-no-yu" 】
    The spring quality of Bessho Onsen has a weakly alkaline nature.
    Alkaline dissolves the skin, softens the old stratum corneum, and makes the skin smooth with its benefits.
    In addition, it is also scientifically recognized as removing dirt from pores and degrading melanin.

Room rate

Accommodation periodFrom September 4, 2021 to November 30, 2021
Reservation acceptance period《Early reservation reception》Until August 31, 2021
※Reservation acceptance after September is currently undecided
Reservation method・Accepted by phone or email
・We have also started accepting online reservations.
 If you would like to make an online reservation, please use the link below or
 Please make a reservation from the list of plan this facility.

※This plan can be reserved from 2 or more people.
※This plan does not accept reservations for children under elementary school age.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.
《Hinoki bath with natural hot spring》Special room/Non-smokingWeekdays 1 room for 2 people 1 person room charge
22,000 (tax included) ~
Oku Bekkan Japanese-style room(Japanese-style room from 15 sqm to 22 sqm + next room)/Non-smokingWeekday room charge for 2 people per room
19,250 yen (tax included) ~
Standard Japanese-style room(15 to 22 square meters)/Non-smokingWeekday room charge for 2 people per room
From 17,600 yen (tax included)
Japanese-style room with twin beds/Non-smokingWeekday room charge for 2 people per room
From 17,600 yen (tax included)
15 sqm Japanese-style room/Non-smokingWeekday room charge for 2 people per room
From 16,500 yen (tax included)
NoteThe room rate for one person varies depending on the number of guests and the desired date.
Please tell us your preferred date, room type and number of guests.
※Saturdays and holidays the day beforeOn Saturdays and the day before public holidays, an additional charge of 4,400 yen (tax included) or more will be charged per person.
※Please contact us for the details of the price as it depends on the reservation date and the number of people.

Reservation reception

Reservation / InquiryTEL 0268-38-2800
Mail info@nanjyoryokan.com

Please tell us your preferred date, room type, and number of guests.
Depending on the reservation status of this facility with Mr. Nikoen, we may not be able to meet your request.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.